We are two women who have been writing for years. We have hands scarred with paper cuts, SO many Word documents and GRIT. We believe that if you write you are a writer. End of story. We also believe that if you don’t write you’re a total a poseur (sorry, Alex let her 16-year-old self out for a moment), or you just aren’t that serious.

Words + Words can help you get serious. We are very serious all the time. And we never, ever drink wine and eat expired Halloween candy.

Now for the stuff in third person:

Alex Villasante writes YA from the semi-wilds of Pennsylvania. She is represented by Barbara Poelle at IGLA NY. Her first book, THE GRIEF KEEPER, will be released in Spring 2019 by Putnam. You can tweet in her general direction: @magpiewrites or see painful, painful visuals on her Facebook page.

J. Michelle Herrera writes YA in New York City. Her favorite people in the world are writers, and her favorite things in the world are books. If you want to get in touch with her, leave a comment with your info and she’ll get back to you soon.